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'The Nat'
5 December
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Lol. I hate this section! I can never think of what to say! I guess you can read through my interests and see if we have anything in common. :)

One thing I will say is that I have loved the English Language and Creative Writing since I was a child... and being a published writer (or artist / cartoonist) is all I ever dreamed about being (okay, and maybe a film director or film editor too)!

Due to a tough job and being run off my feet most of the time, I've sadly neglected this hobby so much that I feel a little rusty. I'm hoping to get back on the horse and start writing some good stuff again. This is why - when I do manage to post something on here - I will be relying heavily on your praise and criticisms to help strengthen my writing. I've always been a fan of dialogue delivery and pacing (like in a play); as a result, my writing tends to be quite dialogue-driven (it's a useful tool for character forming), so I apologise now if you find my atmosphere and environmental descriptions somewhat lacking. I'm trying to work on that. :)

I'll be nosing around on here and reading stories by others (maybe even yourself) to help inspire me. I hope to put something of my own up very soon.

And... BSG's Admiral Helena Cain rocks!! More Cain fic, please. :)